Evening Menu

Whisky Menu

  1. Whisky Tenders

    $ 16.00

    Fried or grilled, tossed in buffalo, teriyaki, lemon pepper, or honey hot sauce served with fresh cut fries.

  2. The Whisky Pickle

    $ 10.00

    “snacks” our very own special breaded jalapeno dill pickles served with our homemade ranch.

  3. Cheeseburger

    $ 16.00

    blended beef patty with melted cheddar cheese. Topped with lettuce, tomato and onion.  Served with fries, add bacon for $1.50

  4. Chicken Sandwich

    $ 14.00

    Grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion served with fries.

  5. Wings

    $ 14.00

    Grilled or fried wings, tossed in Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, Teriyaki or Honey hot sauce. Served with crudite. $2 charge for all flats/drums.

  6. Loaded Fries

    $ 13.00

    Hand cut fries topped with melted cheddar, sour cream bacon and green onion

  7. Meatball Skillet

    $ 13.00

    Unique blend of Angus beef, ground pork and pancetta with shaved parmesan, marinara and sliced baguette

  8. Zucchini Fries

    $ 14.00

    Shredded parmesan cheese and marinara

  9. Boom Boom Shrimp

    $ 14.00

    Tempura style shrimp served with spicy aioli

  10. Fried Lobster Tail

    $ 19.00

    Fried lobster served in our signature boom boom sauce.

  11. Billy’s Seafood Platter

    $ 35.00

    Fried Lobster Tail and shrimp tossed with boom boom sauce.

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