Evening Menu

Small Plates

  1. Hummus

    $ 12.00

    Chickpea, tahini, roasted garlic, and olive tapenade. Served with grilled pita and crudité

  2. Meatball Skillet

    $ 13.00

    Unique blend of Angus beef, ground pork and pancetta with shaved parmesan, marinara and sliced baguette

  3. Broiled Feta

    $ 14.00

    Topped with marinara, and basil pesto accompanied with grilled pita

  4. Boom Boom Shrimp

    $ 14.00

    Tempura style shrimp served with spicy aioli and pineapple ponzu. (Add vegetables for $5.)

  5. Loaded Pot’achos

    $ 13.00

    Hand cut fries topped with melted cheddar, sour cream bacon and green onion

  6. Zucchini Fries

    $ 8.00

    Shredded parmesan cheese and marinara

Chef Inspired Cheeseburgers & Sandwiches

  1. Southern Gentleman

    $ 14.00

    8 oz. Angus Beef patty, with fried green tomato and house made pimento cheese served with hand cut French fries (add Applewood bacon to burger … View Recipe

  2. Turkey Burger

    $ 15.00

    Lean ground turkey with melted feta cheese and homemade creamy basil vinaigrette, topped with lettuce, red onion, and sliced tomato

  3. Three B’s Burger

    $ 18.00

    Boomers, Bacon, and Brie, served over an 8 oz. Angus beef patty with lettuce, red onion, and sliced tomato.

  4. Basil Chicken Sammy

    $ 14.00

    Herb marinated, grilled chicken breast with house made creamy basil vinaigrette, smoked Gouda cheese, Applewood bacon lettuce, tomato, and onion

  5. WM Grilled Cheese

    $ 12.00

    Just like the Whisky Mistress itself, this sandwich is three levels. Applewood bacon, melted Gouda and Sharp Cheddar cheese

Large Plates

  1. Shrimp and Grits

    $ 17.00

    Grit cakes, smoked tomato buerre blanc, andouille sausage, spinach

  2. Smoked Baby Back Ribs

    $ 17.00

    Hand cut fries and house made slaw

  3. Steak and Eggs

    $ 26.00

    6 oz. Angus filet mignon, hand cut fries and 2 over easy eggs.

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